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Are you looking to build a better team with the proper on-boarding process? Do you want to engage your team with retreats and effective team-building activities that will last? Are big changes needed in order for your organization to finally succeed? Debra Orr, Ph.D. can help you utilize Change Management techniques to organize a plan that gets you started down the right path. Then you can sit back and watch your company grow.

Dr. Orr is an active consultant, working with organizations both large and small, established, and start-up. She has served as an executive coach for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 presidents. She is an award-winning writer and an award-winning change-management consultant.

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Change Management in the Modern Workplace Zoom with Roosevelt University

Presenter: Dr. Debra Orr, Associate Professor, Organizational Leadership and Development at Roosevelt University

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OD Strategies and Workplace Bullying

Published in Organization Development Review in 2020

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